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    Welcome To Ynot Fashion

    YNot? is not just a brand, it's a way of life. And we don't mean that in a French perfume advert kind of way. Our brand name is a stylised contraction of the expression 'why not?', which typifies our fans' attitude to life, viewing it as an adventure where you've got to try everything once. It is at the same time a question and an answer, symbolising the freedom that everyone should have to express themselves by going beyond their habits and comfort zones.

    CHOOSE is a brand entirely made in Italy, which focuses on the variety of fine materials and the versatility of the accessories. A classic but innovative design imbues every handbag with personality and style by combining colours, shapes and materials.

    Ynot Fashion is a trading name of Now This Ltd and is an official retailer and an exclusive distributor for Ynot? and CHOOSE for the UK and Republic of Ireland


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